Your gift today will help us provide lifesaving Personal Protective Equipment and medical supplies to essential and healthcare workers on the frontline combating COVID-19.


Guardians of the Angeles (GoA) was founded in early 2020 amid the global outbreak of COVID-19, with a mission to support the most vulnerable – healthcare professionals, first responders, all those safeguarding our community in combating the pandemic. We respond to shortages of PPE with the utmost urgency by partnering with manufacturers and hospitals across nations, along with air freight providers and substantial financial backing to bypass supply-chain bottlenecks.




Last Updated: September 19 2020 12:OO PM


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In late March, the number of daily new COVID-19 infections in the United States has remained at five figures, followed by a gradual downward trend in the number of new infections. However, since mid-June, case numbers saw another surge, breaking records in states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California.

According to medical experts, the rebound in COVID-19 cases in the U.S is caused by a combination of people returning to work, an increase of indoor gatherings, and the incomplete and inconsistent implementation of the stay-at-home orders. As of now, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 3.3 million. To put this into perspective, the total population of the United States is about 328 million, that is equivalent to one confirmed case per 100 people. Faced with the rising hospitalization rates and the shortages of PPE, GoA continues to support frontline and essential workers, covering more states and organizations with our outgoing donations each day.

We have reached over 20 states and are continuing to expand our donation coverage.

10,000 Surgical Masks, 200 ICU Coveralls, 600 Isolation Gowns, and 120 3M 1860 Respirators arrived at St. Joseph’s Health in New Jersey.
Liam Li, Vice Chairman of our foundation delivered a shipment of Surgical Masks to Overlake Medical Center.
We are in New Orleans! 40,000 surgical masks to frontline health workers in NOLA.
A new shipment of #BYD surgical masks and N95 respirators arrived at Los Angeles today. 💪🏻 We thank our partners for their generous support.
2000 surgical masks and 300 coveralls arrived at Pelican Health Nursing Home in Henderson, NC.
Liam Li, Vice Chairman, made a contribution of 50,000 level III Surgical Masks to the Swedish Medical Center in Washington.
Our donations being distributed to volunteers at Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Thank you volunteers!
10,000 surgical face masks for medical workers at Boward Health Medical Center ICU.
A shipment of 400 isolation gowns and 198 face shields arrived at the Durham Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in North Carolina.

Currently, the United States is experiencing a large surge in COVID-19 cases, especially in states like California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida, some of which have high percentages of high-risk senior populations. Hospitals are operating at full capacity, ICU beds are filling up, and the burden on the healthcare system is becoming increasingly heavy. 

With increasing demand and prices of PPEs (for instance, N95 face masks), we are working hard to source the highest quality PPEs that meet both FDA and CDC standards. 

Your generosity will help us offer more protection to medical workers on the frontline, today and everyday.




“Because of donors like you, we can provide care and relief more quickly to our immediate community – and we are better able to join global efforts against the virus.”

Paul G. Ramsey, MD
CEO, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean
University of Washington School of Medicine
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